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Solar Panels in Mountains
Electric Car Charger
Image by Kumpan Electric

 Renewable Energy Systems

Finance, Design, Supply, Install and Maintain Renewable Energy Systems such as Solar PV Systems

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Installation and Maintainance of EV charger systems

 Energy Storage Systems

Integrating energy storage systems such as Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (BlueG) with energy systems

Solar and Wind

Building Integrated/Applied Solar Panels

Building Integrated or Applied Photovoltaics Panel design options such as Facade, Glass Canopy, and Solar Tiles

Solar Panel Upcycling

Repurpose 2nd hand panels to be refurbished and resold back at affordable prices

Ownership models

Direct Ownership

Direct ownership is when you pay for and fully own the solar system. As a Solar EPC Company, we can do the full installation for you. This is for all landed residential, commercial, and industrial properties. 
With this model, you will be able to enjoy the full return on your investments. However, there is an upfront cost.

Stellar Industries is happy to assist you in owning your own solar system.

Power Purchase 
Agreement (PPA)

The Power Purchase Agreement is a contractual agreement between energy buyers and sellers on the amount of energy that is or will be generated by a renewable asset.  This is only for commercial and industrial properties. 

With this model, there is no upfront cost to you. The developer owns the system for the contract duration.


Stellar Industries is happy to offer you a PPA proposal for your property.

Project Process


Discovery meeting​

Our Team will schedule a meeting to better understand your property and your needs, introduce our service and determine the best fit for you. ​


We will size your roof and propose a suitable system size, quotation and maintenance plan for you. ​



Once you get an understanding of the proposal, we will sign an agreement for the project to start. ​



After the agreement is signed, our team will start the planning process and update you regularly on the progress until the end of the project.​


After the end of the installation, we offer training and support to ensure that you are ready to use the system. We also offer maintenance contracts to ensure optimum production.​

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