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It Is Time to Go Solar

By going solar, you'll be saving time, saving money, and most importantly - saving our planet.


Save the Environment

Solar energy is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. It is an infinite source of energy. Its greenhouse gas emissions are inconsequential as the technology does not require any fuel combustion. Solar energy does not emit toxic substances or contaminants into the air. It does not emit any waste products either. 

Monetary Savings

When you install solar power for your home, you generate your own electricity, become less reliant on your electric utility, and reduce your monthly electricity bill as a result. In addition, any excess energy produced can be sold back to the grid operator. 


Increased Property Value

A solar system will be able to increase your property value. Recent studies indicate that installing a solar system can increase your home’s value by about four percent. So, you could earn back your solar panel investment and then some when you sell your home. 

Energy Resilience

With a solar system on the property, you are generating your own electricity for your own consumption. You will hence rely less on the energy from the grid and will be less affected by any fluctuations in energy prices. 

How Solar Works?

Solar Systems, also known as photovoltaic systems, convert the energy of the sun into useful energy that we can use on our premises. 
1. The Solar Panels absorb the sun's energy and generate a direct electrical current (DC).
2. The direct current is then converted into alternating current (AC) by the Inverter, which is connected to the Electrical Box. 
3. The electricity is distributed from the Electrical Box to the appliances first. 
4. Any excess will be exported and recorded by a Bi-Directional Utility Meter.

5. The excess energy is exported to the Grid.


The prospect of Solar in the sunny Singapore island

Singapore receives an abundant amount of sun. We receive an average of 1,580 kWh/m2/year of solar irradiance which is about 50% more solar radiation than countries in temperate climates. This makes solar energy the most promising renewable energy source in Singapore.

On top of that, the government launched in February 2021, the Singapore Green Plan 2030 to galvanize a whole-of-nation movement and advance Singapore’s national agenda on sustainable development. The target for solar is at least 1.5 gigawatt-peak (GWp) by 2025 and at least 2 gigawatt-peak(GWp) by 2030. These meet about 2% and 3% of our projected electricity demand respectively, powering more than 260,000 and 350,000 households per year.

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